Painting Chick: Bring on SUMMER!

Bring on SUMMER!

Happy Summer!!!!
I am SO thankful summertime is here! I am thrilled to be done with the evening routine that goes along with school! Summer has also brought with it a wonderful creative streak for me!!! I have been working on about a dozen new sketches! I love it! I can hardly put down my sketch book to paint and collage. I think of something else and I have to go draw an take notes! The best thing I started doing was leaving a little notebook by my bed! Why does is always happen that the minute my head hits the pillow, I start thinking of all kinds of new stuff! I just sit up, flip on my lamp, and jot it down! Sometimes the next morning I look at it and think "HMMMMM" and it never goes anywhere. But, most of the time I can build on the ideas and create something really fun!
I have some new little items in the works too! I have been collaging lamp shades! They work real well with painted backgrounds, and the papers show up nicely when lit! I am working on about 6 right now that will be put in The Carriage Boutique in San Angelo for sale!

I did another one of my all time favorites the "Retro Rooster" for my etsy shop! I just love roosters and this one always makes me smile!

O.K...enough on the computer! I better run outside and work in my SWEET vegetable garden before I run out of daylight! So ready for for fresh veggies!