Painting Chick: What has been keeping me so BUSY!!!!

What has been keeping me so BUSY!!!!

Well, is sure isn't art! The wonderful weather and end of school activities has been taking all my time! I always experience spring fever! I love spending time outdoors and unfortunately, my art takes a backseat! Mother's Day weekend, my family and I spent the weekend in Del Rio at
Lake Amistad! The weather was so beautiful, it was perfect for getting on the lake! I really enjoyed spending time with my sweet girls and husband!

Once were were home, it was time to build a boat for my oldest daughters Science class! The only materials we could use were cardboard and duct tape! WOW, this was a big project which took loads of time! The three girls on the team and the daddy's worked all week to get the boat ready for the competition yesterday! It was a huge success, their team tied first place for the most creative category!

I really need to MAKE time to MAKE art! I will try and pry myself away from the outdoors to get some goodies made! I will keep you posted! Have a great weekend!