Painting Chick: Fun Filled Summer!

Fun Filled Summer!

Hello, I sure hope this summer finds you doing well! It is going great around our house! Since it is my favorite time of year, I find myself enjoying all the goodness! This past week I harvested my first zuchinni and onion! I was so excited I had my husband take a picture! I know it is silly, but if you knew the amount of work that this garden has would be excited too!

I have also been really busy this week in my art room! I started by clearing out some of the clutter! I don't think I am as creative when there is junk sitting around! Plus, I had to make room for this GIANT painting I am working on....

As you can see, it takes up almost my entire room! When I put in on my easle to work on it, you can't even see me! I love it! I will keep you informed with pictures on it's progress...I love to see it coming along. Right now it just has the primer coat, so not so cute! But just will be fun!

Another fun piece I finished this week is POLLY. I really wanted to paint! I kind of get in a rut where I feel like all I am doing is collaging! So, sometimes I need to pull out all the paints and paint it up! This little polly parrot makes me smile!

Check back next week, I am feeling a freebie giveaway coming on! Have a wonderful weekend!