Painting Chick: Time with my Art Journal

Time with my Art Journal

I just love when I have a few minutes to work in my art journal! 

In an ideal world, I would get to spend time working and writing in it every day! Since I can't work in it every day, I really do value the times I do get to work in it!!! 

This is what my journal looks like when it is ready to work in... I take a regular sketch book from Hobby Lobby, and I alter the pages with paper that I have stashed! I do the entire book this way! Once I have finished altering it, it is ready for sketching, journaling, photos, or paint! Really there are no rules for these little books! That's the beauty of it!

They really do "feel" good to work in.  I love the idea of every page being different!

The best part is holding it when it's finished! It is always such an accomplishment and a great reminder of how past days were spent!