Painting Chick:

 I finally got this page set up with my own domain!  I am not the most computer literate person, so... It took me a couple of weeks to work it out!  

Now, my own space to show you all the things that have been keeping me busy!

 This beautiful armoire started out plain wood that was in pretty bad shape.  I did an experimental finish on it with three colors and it turned out very nice!  

The paint with the final glaze highlighted all the beautiful things about it and camouflaged all the bad!

 This very traditinal buffet screamed to me to be red.  Instead of leaving the top plain stained wood, I used a stencil to create some interest!  

I just love the detail!

I have been SO busy the past 6 months with furniture!  I am loving it!  I have so many more pictures, I'll have to post more in the next few days!  Thanks for stopping by!