Painting Chick: Recycled Magazine Art Journal

Recycled Magazine Art Journal

I wanted to share with you a project that I started last year around this same time of year and has kept my interest all year long!   I have about 3 subscriptions to magazines...and I guess because of Pinterest, or other online resources, I just don't find them as interesting anymore.

magazine art journal

I look through them and maybe find two or three things that I really love.  At  that same time last year, my daughter and I were putting together a "journal" for her English class out of an old book.  You all know the altered book project, where you find an old hardback and glue several pages together and then turn it into a big smash scrapbook...when it hit me...we could do that with these magazines!!!  So we grabbed my stack and began gluing pages together and ripping pages out to make it close.

On some pages, I glued old paper down,but on most of the pages, I just gessoed right over. This makes a nice whiter background for whatever I want to add later!  One of the best things about it, it gives it a rough crumpled feel.

recycled magazine art journal

 . If  I liked the colors or the idea in the magazine article, I would leave it and add journalling boxes telling what it was I liked or where I might want to use it!

recycled magazine art journal

Some of the pages were really nice I just doodled right on top of the ad or article! Strokes of paint on the page make a really nice journalling box!

recycled magazine art journal

This doodle is on top of a page that I covered with old newspapers and a thin coat of Gesso!

recycled magazine art journal

 I really love this project!  It is messy and easy and I love the lumpy pages!  Plus, it is something fun that my girls and I enjoy creating that doesn't cost us a ton of money! The hardest part about it, is patiently waiting for the pages to dry!