Painting Chick: Gallery Photo Wall!

Gallery Photo Wall!

(This post is really long, but I have been filling you in on what has been keeping me busy! I promise it's worth sticking around for!)  When moved into our home about 4 years ago,  I knew where all the furniture would go and where I would hang all the pictures and it has been that way until...  I walked in my back door about a month ago and thought "yuck"!

Here is the view from the back door (Before)
 I guess getting a new sofa launched me into this frenzy of change!  I have looked at this room for 4 years and have loved it!  How does this happen?  I blame it ALL on PINTREST!  I have been seeing so many inspiring photos that made me realize my room just wasn't living up to my expectations any more!  My biggest plan for change....I NEEDED a photo wall!  I am always drawn to the photos of all be beautifully arranged photos and memorabilia!

I knew right away three things I wanted to change.  I knew I wanted a photo wall on this large wall.  I had to plan what I would do with this hutch.  I knew I wanted to keep it in the room because I love it!

The second thing...see that frog painting...I have had it in our home since 2005 and IT HAD TO GO!  I love it, but SO tired of it!  The third thing...I knew I needed to do something with that smaller wall at the entry, where I made my first attempt at a photo wall!  So...with these three things in mind, I got busy! 

First thing i did was move the large hutch to the wall where my old photo wall was before.  It fits!  This is exciting, because I knew if it was too bulky for this wall, it would need to stay where it was, and that would derail my entire plan! 

cow art

Next, I painted a painting of a black Angus cow and her baby.  Angus cows are what my Husband and family raise, so they hold a special place in our hearts.  I knew I could incorporate the colors in this painting that I already had going on in the rest of the room!  So long frogs! 

diy console table

I knew I needed a long console table for the big photo wall.  I LOVE the tables in Restoration Hardware, but please, they are outrageous + I need one 10 ft long!  I enlisted the help of my sweet husband who is a whiz with the welder.  We came up with this steel frame and then I just stained boards and screwed them to the top.  Since it is custom, it is the exact length and width I wanted! 

family gallery wall with cow art and long diy console table

Next, came the fun part!  I gathered all my stuff that I already owned and then made a list of what I needed to buy or make.  I already owned all the frames from the other wall of fame.  I found the old sign letter F in Fredericksburg Tx, about a year ago which has been sitting in my kitchen.  I shopped the rest of my house and gathered all the accessories for the table!  The only new item I bought was the round mirror!  I cut the frame around the deer mount and the number 4 out of MDF and painted them black.  I arranged all the items on the floor first, that way I wouldn't make a mistake on the wall! ( I really need to put together a tutorial to show you how I hung all my items, I have a sneaky trick that is like magic! ) I can not tell you how much bigger this room feels with this big wall of fame!  I REALLY recommend doing this, it is really fun to create and visitors are always drawn to it! 

gallery wall
Here is a view from the back door after!
On my next post I will show you what I did with the other side of the room which is the kitchen and eating area!   Have a great Monday!