Painting Chick: CLUTTERED!


How did things around the house get so cluttered? It seems every cabinet, closet, and drawer is completely cluttered up. It was all so organized before Christmas! I guess through the holidays, something has to give. Obviously for my home, I found out it is organization! So...ENOUGH is ENOUGH...time to do something about it! Abby, my youngest daughter's closet was THE WORST spot in the house!

1. We took EVERYTHING out. 2. Threw away a large trash bag of "stuff'". 3.Filled one more trash bag with clothes and toys to donate. 4. Took a few measurements. 5.Made a little plan on paper. 6. Headed to Lowes. A few pieces of lumber later, a ton of elbow grease, and some new rubbermaid organizers, and WA LA! Organized and EASY to maintain! That is the key with MUST be easy to maintain...nothing too complicated, everything has a place!

diy organized closet

This over the door shoe rack that I found at Target is a really GREAT solution to her shoe problem! The shoe cubby we used before, took up way too much valuable space. This gets every shoe in it's place AND is using space that we do not really miss! Those three drawer cubbies tucked on the back shelves are wonderful! One for shorts, one for tops and one for purses and bags! They hold a ton of the clothes that do not get hung up!

diy organized closet

I cut those boards I picked up at Lowes to create these cubbies. I put the rubbermaid three drawer organizer on the bottom and labeled all three drawers so she knows what goes where! It makes it easier for her to sort and put away her laundry!

These are the "special" stuffed animals and dolls she kept. Each one has a story for her and they are all tucked away on that top shelf. She can see them every time she opens her closet AND they are out of the way!

Now on to the other areas that need help!
Happy Hump DAY!