Painting Chick: There is a clock in that tower!

There is a clock in that tower!

I have been a bad blogger lately. Easter, getting things ready for an Art show in Del Rio, TX, and hiking up a mountain has kept me busy! Yes, you heard right....we hiked 5 miles up to Guadalupe Peek this past weekend! It was really hard, but SO worth getting to the top!

I wanted to share with you one piece I have finished to take to Del Rio. It is a collage of the San Diego de Pitiquito Mission. I cut all the pieces, laid them out on the canvas, and it came to me! I am going to put a REAL clock in the clock tower. The canvas I used was think enough with 2" sides, so WHY NOT!!! It is SO great! A piece of art with a function!

I am also entering a mission made of clay and a peacock collage. Those are in the works right now. I will post some pictures later when they are ready!