Painting Chick: Success at the Stribling Art Show!

Success at the Stribling Art Show!

WOW, what a wonderful weekend! I really enjoyed the art show this weekend! Thursday night was pretty nerve racking for me. I really did not know what to expect at the meet and greet ...Turns out, it was REALLY easy! Everyone there was really laid back eating finger foods and drinking wine! BOTH of my entries sold Thursday night! That really excited me when I went back on Saturday to take my girls to see the artwork. I could see all the art in full view without a TON of people everywhere. I was really surprised that some of the pieces had not sold. They were so beautiful! It made me feel very fortunate that both of mine had sold! Over all, my first art show was really a wonderful experience! I feel inspired to get out there and find more art shows!
They would not allow us to take pictures at the Thursday night event or in the buildings at all, so really all I have to show you is a picture Abby took of me in the car on the way home from the Thursday night meet and greet!

P.S. The name tag says Angela Friend - Artist! YEA!!!!!!!!