Painting Chick: Got color?

Got color?

This little table had such great bones! It just needed a big dose of fun color! 
This was one of my great finds! Driving through a neighborhood in town, it was sitting by the curb with a for sale sign on it! And the rest is history, I couldn't pass it up! 
When I got this set home, I dug through my fabric stash and this Waverley pattern jumped out at me! Once I made sure I had enough material, I came up with a paint plan! I figured the colors would really pop against a dark background, so I began by painting the entire table black.  I then drew in the pattern, by hand, with chalk! Once I had all the shapes exactly perfect, I painted them with acrylic paints! When it was all dry, I sealed it with several coats of poly! I just love how this little set came to life! It looks absolutely amazing in its new home!