Painting Chick: Driftwood Creation

Driftwood Creation

Who knew driftwood could be so beautiful?
My parents have this beautiful home on Lake Amistad in Del Rio...with this gorgeous view. 
This past spring, there was a HUGE rain which caused the lake to fill up extremely high...when the water began to recede, it created a TON of driftwood.  So, of course, I told my mom to collect it for me!  I knew I wanted to make something...just not sure what?

driftwood cross
So she brought home a huge load of drift wood for me.  She also collected some shells and berries from the water.  I took it all to my barn and began laying it out.  I thought I might make a frame for a mirror, until I saw the wood shapes!  It begged to be made into a cross!

 My parents love to spend time fishing...catching Bass and Catfish.  So I took some old fishing line and a Texas Rigged lour and attached them to the cross.

It really turned out incredible!  My mom took it back to her lake house this weekend to hang it on the wall.  It is a wonderful representation of their house and activities on this beautiful lake! 
I can't wait to make another one!