Painting Chick: DIY Camera Bag...

DIY Camera Bag...

I have been committing a horrible crime....I have been carring my DSLR in my purse!  SO...I have this really nice purse, that I hardly carry because it only has a snap for a closure.  It really is a shame for this handbag to be sitting in my closet.  The other day I took it out and decided I could make an insert to fit in it to carry my camera! we go! (By the way, my 14 year old daughter said this was so stupid!)  Tell me what you think?  I really don't want "normal" folks thinking I'm stupid.

diy camera bag
Here is the bag!


I found this 1/2" thick foam and
fleece fabric at Hobby Lobby. 
I bought 1 yard.  Fleece works good because
 it does'nt need to be hemmed.


Measure the bottom and sides of the bag...

Transfer measurements to the foam.  I cut a piece for the bottom
and 4 pieces for each side.
I put all pieces in the bag before I covered them just to make sure they fit!

Next, I laid out the pieces on my fabric and trimmed it to fit.
Wrap the fabric around it real snug...
I put that presser foot as close the the foam as I could get it.

Trim off the excess...

That finishes the bottom, and it can be placed in the bag.

Next lay out all the pieces, with about 1" between the pieces...

Between the foam, push down the fabric to make the top look nice.

Fold the ends down like wrapping a present.

Pin all the pieces in place and then sew...

Once all the pieces are sewn in place, gather the ends together...

I had to sew the ends by hand.  They are just
to bulky to get in the machine...

Now place this part in the bag

I finished the center divider the same way except...

I created a pocket to hold that lens cover...

Sew the botton of the pocket before sewing
it around the foam!

This part can slide in the bag to seperate the camera
from lenses or other equipment.

diy camera bag
Here is the finished bag! 

I think it is going to work just fine!  My camera fits in it perfectly and the top still snaps!  The best thing about it...I can remove all the foam lining and use it as a purse whenever I need to!
Please....Tell me what you think? 
Happy Monday!