Painting Chick: Sweet Warm Weekend!

Sweet Warm Weekend!

Such beautiful weather this weekend. Couldn't have been a better weekend to visit our ranch. We all had a great weekend of much needed outdoor time!

The kids wanted to explore the cave, so of course, I am always game. When you walk through the entrance of the cave, you have to bend down a little so you don't hit your head on some lower hanging rocks. Looking down, look what was beneath my feet! A huge heart rock! It is the heart of the cave!

More exploring brought a wonderful gift. A little backstory, I have been searching for arrow heads for some 20 years at this ranch. EVERYONE seems to find them but me! This weekends search paid off! I found a beautiful, perfect arrowhead! It feels so exciting to search and search and then to flip over a little dirt and see a perfect little piece of history! Just think, the last person to touch this rock was an American Indian! Amazing!