Painting Chick: Fun gifts in the mail box!

Fun gifts in the mail box!

It is so fun getting gifts in the mailbox! And thanks to Cindy, my girls were able to experience that feeling this weekend! I participated in a craft swap a couple of weeks ago with Cindy in California. Ii told her how my girls hovered around the box while I opened it! She offered to trade me a couple of albums for my girls if I would do a painting for her mothers birthday coming up! Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I knew the girls would love having thier own albums sent to them!
Thank You Cindy for the sweet albums you sent my girls! We checked the mailbox this weekend and there was a fight the entire way home about who was going to open the package first! My 14 year old Madi, won the battle...and I could barely get them to wait while I took pictures! They wanted me to tell you how much they love your work. Abby asked if you were famous, and I said "not yet"!

We spent a few hours yesterday picking photos and uploading them to snapfish so they can fill their sweet albums with photos! Thank You again for your kindness and hard work!