Painting Chick: Just updating my shop!

Just updating my shop!

Well, I have been working all morning on this computer updating my Etsy shop! So I thought I would drop in and sneek you a peek since I am here! I have been creating up a storm the past couple of days and my shop really needed some updates. I took almost everything out of my shop, and relisted my rooster! I am also changing up my prices a little bit! I realize the economy is not working real good with some of my prices in my little online shop, so I am lowering them for a couple of months! I have worked up 3 new pieces to list and they are so cute! I really wish I could get done faster and faster. I am constantly drawing ideas in my journal, and those ideas are so cute, I am ready to get to them! That always happens, when I am in the middle of a project! I guess I should not complain, there are weeks that pass me by without one SINGLE idea! Well, here is a little sneak peek...go over and visit my ETSY shop! Have a great day!