Painting Chick: One of my favorites!

One of my favorites!

This Beauty has to be one of my favorites that I have done. I did this peacock for Trish who saw the original turquoise and brown "Shake your Tail Feather".She wanted me to make her one in reds and golds to coordinate with her home. I really love the way it turned out... might have to make one for myself! Yea right, no time for that...I am still real busy getting together my things for the Stribling art show. The deadline is in two weeks, and I am almost finished with the clay piece I am going to enter. I have to submit an autobiography with my two pieces...YUCK! I hate trying to figure out what to say! Oh well, I will come up with something...
I have also been doing some research on printers. I have notices some artists do not sell their original paintings, they sell prints. The prints are signed and dated and are ready for framing. I e-mailed about 10 of my favorite online artists that make prints. I wanted to ask them where they have their prints made. Only 1 emailed me back and of course, she has her own scanner and printer designed to make "photo" prints. I asked her the exact make and models of her scanner and printer. She actually told me the exact make and model, as well as the type of paper and ink she uses! After further research, I find that the printer and scanner are not out of control price wise! Since I don't want to dip into my "start-up" money, I just need to continue to sell originals and save up to buy them. The prints will be another great way to grow my business! This is really getting exciting now!!!!
Have a great day!