Painting Chick: Here it goes!

Here it goes!

Wow, setting up a blog is quite the process! They really have made it easy, I just have a hard time committing to a layout. This one is great! I have found a place to share my art. I made a plan that after the first of the year, I am opening an etsy shop on to sell my art! It is really going to keep me busy! I have been working on getting items made to put in that shop. The pictures to the right are a few I have been working on (except the one of Linda Love, that was a commission!) I really don't think she would like it if I sold her portrait to someone else!

I am really excited about something else coming up in March. But I will let you know more about that later on when I have more details!

Right now I am working on an ornament made out of clay to take to an ornament exchange on Wed. 12-17. I will post pictures as soon as it is dry! Thanks for sharing in this exciting time with me! Have a blessed day.